Thursday, March 26, 2009

the new ones

Actually my favorites are lesliei and julii but I find the spotted fulviceps especially pretty. It was about time for me to get myself some of those, and here they are!

I don't know about how delicate this particular species is and whether these plants would need extra care but as long as they still have their old leaves and are kept dry for the next few weeks there's nothing you can do wrong.

3 pale lithops are fulviceps v. lactinea (C222)
2 darker ones are fulviceps v. fulviceps (C221)


  1. How's interesting! *_*
    So you won't water them for the few weeks?
    I wonder how they will do look when they all will change their leaves =)

  2. thank you!
    well, it's not recommended to water the right after repoting. also they're still with their old leaves which they should preferably suck out on their own. so all i can do now is watch ^^
    >>>I wonder how they will ..
    definitely prettier XD

  3. Oh, I see =)

    >>>definitely prettier XD
    But anyway it's interesting xDDD So we'll wait together XDD

  4. yes *nod* i will keep you updated on everything what's going on on my windowsill! ^__~