Monday, June 26, 2017

Anacampseros flowers (10 pics)

And again - Anacampseros flowers! Sorry guys, it's their season :)

Unexpectedly, several of my 2 years old An. vanthielii seedlings have recently flowered. Well synchronized, too! The flowers are flashy and large and I most likely will have seeds to offer this year.

Others were flowering, too. Here is a flower of an An. arachnoides...

... and this one is of a nameless specimen I suspect to be An. filamentosa.

And there are more flowers coming. Another An. sp.

One of my 3 year old An. filamentosa ssp namaquensis seedlings is growing its first inflorescence.

And even this tiny one year old An. retusa fa. rubra is trying to keep up.

Avonia quinaria ssp. alstonii is growing a couple of flowers, too. A lot to look forward to!


  1. Rika! Hut ab für die Pflege :)
    Wunderschön !!!

    1. Danke! :)
      Ich freue mich sehr, dass die Pflanzen glücklich zu sein scheinen.

  2. Hi Rika!
    Do the anacampseros flowers open during the day or at night? I can never catch them---I keep seeing them half-open. Also, do you treat them as winter or summer growers? I treat them the same, but I'm wondering now if I should allow them a rest period, I just don't know which season.

    1. Hi Eyeballs!
      The flowers open in the evening. If in the morning you see a little bit of color peeking out that flower will open the same day. Make sure they get at least half a day of full sun. When I come home at 17.30 they are usually wide open and close an hour or so later. The flowers will not open again. If you missed them, you missed them.
      I can never catch Anacampseros rufescens after work, I think they open and close earlier. What species do you have? Avonias never open their flowers on my windowsill. They go from flower buds directly to seed pods (Except Avonia quinaria).

      Anacampseros are summer growers. They rest in winter and don't require (much) water. If the plant is small and looks very miserable it is ok to water it a bit even in winter. But I was told they are supposed to look miserable and I shouldn't show mercy. They recuperate very quickly when watered. After several dry months in winter I have a good flowering season now.