Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter update (10 pics)

January is almost over and I feel like I'm doing really well with my new year's resolutions. Let's see.

I wanted to eat less and move more (that's one very typical new year's resolution, haha) but I'm glad to report that I lost 4 kilos just by walking and hula-hooping everyday and by reducing chocolate input. I wanted to watch less TV shows and spend time more productively. Well, I found a loop hole in this plan so now I'm watching TV shows while simultaneously hula-hooping (I can go for an hour or more). Also, my apartment has never been cleaner (productivity plus calorie loss). 

Unfortunately I'm still awfully slow with replying to emails. I'm trying though! Also, my plans for being more creative are still just plans. I cook my own lunches 2 or 3 times a week, if that counts...

In terms of weather the new year so far has been cold but mostly sunny. Lithops are regenerating, conophytums seem to be already getting ready to sleep. I'm not watering the adult Anacampseros but some of them are showing new green leaves. Maybe they feel the spring coming closer? Haworthias look the happiest. Look at those fat leaves the H. limifolia has grown!

All in all, it is a sleepy season. Nothing is happening. Everything is waiting for the spring.


  1. Oh Rika - you must give me some names! Your plants look soooo good but what are those conophytums? I sure don't know the conophytums and they are wonderful. I have so much to learn. I did plant some anacampseros seeds recently and I have been reading about them. I understand you are becoming quite an expert on anacampseros. That's very good to know because I'll probably be needing some help. Glad you are getting through the winter ok. We need to see a video of your hula hoop techniques. ;) Thanks as always for the great blog. :D

    1. Thank you for reading Bob :)
      Sorry for being absent a lot. But nothing happens in winter. I'm looking forward to spring weather :) Lots to do then!

      If you click on the pictures the name of the plant will be in the name of the file ;)

      The smaller velvety ones are Conophytum meyeri 'Leopardium'
      The bigger multiheaded plant is Conophytum ectypum ssp sulcatum

  2. Is the last Cono chauviniae? We do need to see you hula hoop.

    1. Nothing so fancy, just Conophytum meyeri 'Leopardium' and Conophytum ectypum ssp sulcatum. I'm happy I can keep them alive in these conditions XD

      And I need to see myself hula hoop much more XD