Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anacampseros obsession (11 pics)

You've probably noticed that I've developed a keen interest in Anacampseros recently. Not sure what triggered it but after having grown several plants (adults and babies) for a couple of years now I want to have them all! Well, at least all of the compact ones. Their shapes, their colors, their flowers, their hairy-fuzzy-fluffy-ness - in all diversity - I decided they belong on my windowsill and sooner rather than later.

All the googling and picture swooning resulted in a large order of plants and seeds mostly from my favorite dealer and a subsequent sowing party of not less than 14 different species and subspecies and locality bound varieties. By the way, it does seem that Anacampseros don't have proper field numbers so that they have to be separated by knowing exactly where they grow or the catalog number of a particular nursery. Not the easiest way for collectors and quite confusing, too. Also, I have not realized before that Anacampseros (and I don't mean Avonia) can have white flowers or white flowers with pink center. And the pure pink flowers can be truly huge. This is all very exciting :)

The care seems to be straightforward and fresh seeds germinate instantly. I'm fairly positive it will be a wonderful adventure. Will post more pictures soon!

The naming is tricky so I'll just post all info I got.

Anacampseros sp., SB684, Springbok, RSA
This one kinda shows how Anacampseros is related with worm-like Avonia species - the leaves are getting shorter, the stems thinner, the hairs turn into scales. These are actually 7 plants that can only be held upright by clinging to each other, locked by hairs.

Anacampseros telephiastrum, An97, Witberge
Looks like an Adromischus and...

...can be just as red.
Anacampseros telephiastrum, An85, nw Barrydale

Anacampseros lanceolata, An1, Matjiesfontein, ES3043
They can have pointy scissors leaves that remind you of Rabiea's and...

... pointy inwards growing ones.
Anacampseros lanceolata, An124, Skitterykloof

They can be hairy columns.
Anacampseros baeseckei, An139, 3km n Pofadder 

They can be round and cute all over.
Anacampseros namaquensis, An17, Karrachab Poort, ES167

They can be fluffy rocks.
Anacampseros filamentosa ssp. namaquensis

And they can be eager to start the new season with fresh new growth coming out everywhere!
Anacampseros vanthielii, 1 km van Springbok

And you got to love them all.


  1. I have never seen any of these plants in real life, so your photos are a wonderful "tour" for me, thank you!

    1. You're very welcome :)
      Do get fresh seeds! They germinate easily and grow fast (compared to lithops and such). They seem to be grateful plants, eager to flower, and they don't take up much space.

      I believe with all the fluff mealy bugs might stay undetected for a long time but other than that in my experience they don't make any trouble.

  2. I do like them all. I grew quite a few at one time. I never grew A. namaquensis and I really like it. I found some (A. filamentosa)grew fast and produced clumps that became a bit unruly at times, and then required a bit of pruning. But, you are right, they are tough, undemanding plants and make a nice addition to any succulent collection. I see you have Gordon Rowley's book. Not much else out there on Anacampseros and Avonia. They're maverick succulents from the portulaca family and far under appreciated. You're building a very nice collection. I'm going to ask around and see if we have any experienced growers of anacampseros on this side of the Atlantic. Maybe I can dig up some more information on these great plants. As always thank you for sharing your plants, your information, and your enthusiasm with all of us. :D

    1. Thank YOU for visiting and commenting ;)

      They are indeed under appreciated. I'm gonna spread the word (more) this year. They deserve it. Will try to support the theory of them being perfect windowsill plants. They seem to be very good at managing themselves, even if your care for them is wrong.

      I have now 18 pots of seedlings! With more to be sown this weekend :D

  3. Hi, I would like to know the name of that bottom, second plant from right to left, that looks like a little tree with green branches, right next to Anacampseros baeseckei. Thanks a lot and thanks for introducing me to Anacampseros, they're so lovely!

    1. Hello :)
      Those are Avonia quinaria ssp. quinaria, the pink flowering kind. There are 4 young plants in that pot.

      I'm glad I could spike a little interest in them :) Thanks for visiting! Anacampseros seem to be perfect windowsill plants because of the small size, variety of shapes and eagerness to flower. And they are easy from seed.

    2. Hi! Thanks a lot for the info! I was having a look on that dealer's website (atomic plant). I will probably spend up all my money there hahaha... I am making some terrariums right now so Anacamseros would be perfect additions. I wonder if the seeds arrive healthy in Brazil, where I live. Do you recommend any other websites to buy from? Thank you so much!

    3. You're welcome :)
      I only know that Mesa Garden has some seeds. You can try ebay, too.

      Hm, I don’t think terrarium is a good idea though... These plants are like cacti, they like it dry with prolonged dry period in winter. The drainage should be very good as well. Terrarium is too humid and with no drainage and you can't combine Anacampseros with some tropical plants, only with other cacti and succulents which are not suitable for terrariums in geberal.

  4. Oh, sorry, you're correct, I expressed myself badly, I make open terrariums like aquariums or such with rocks in the bottom and a very dry soil mix so that they don't get too much water!
    I am a little afraid of buying from ebay, because they may just send me grass hahahahah

    1. I see :) Well, you're an expert. I'm suspicious of all containers that don't have holes in them.

      So far I've had only good experience with ebay. But yes, who knows... These days ebay is too expensive anyway.

  5. I just know it because I took a couple of courses hahahaha! I will give ebay a try. :)