Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More lithops changing leaves (6 pics)

I know I've just posted a pic of this one but it really deserves a regular feature. It started so poorly and has gone through some weird changes but is now a perfect little Cerberus. Love it!

More of the L. lesliei ssp. burchellii (C308) seedlings are rapidly regenerating. This is my large windowed selection. They are so flat they are almost going underground in winter.

And another L. lesliei v. venteri (C1), just because of its perfect regeneration style. Showing it as an example to all other lithops out there! :D

L. hallii v. ochracea (C111) are taking it slow. One has lost a head this winter. It has just dried inside the old leaves for some reason. It happens. You cut the dead head off and the remaining one will grow normally.

In fact, I performed this operation on the L. dorotheae de Boer two years ago (the one in the back) and it is doing just fine.

L. hookeri still have a lot of meat to go through.


  1. Looking amazing!! Mine has been staying pretty much the same (I have 5 adult Lithops) ever since I stopped watering them in November. Some are showing first signs of regeneration, but it kind of just stays there, and now it is April. Is it normal for them to take such a long time? How long is leaf regeneration for you typically?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you :)

      Normally the period from October to April is enough to fully regenerate but what is normal? It might depend on the size (if you bought yours in a regular flower shop they were probably too big). All the plants above are in 5x5cm pots so you can guess their size (very small). If your lithops are Lithops aucampiae for instance it will take them a long time (in fact, for me they normally die during the regeneration). The smaller the plant the smoother the leaf change. If you take tweezers and look inside them you can check if something is growing there. If it is just keep waiting. If not, the happier scenario is that the plants decided to keep their leaves for 2 years. Then water as usual.

  2. They look great Rika. Really nice. Your Lithops lesliei v. venteri C001 color seems to have an orange to pink coloration. Almost all I have grown are definitely more grey, often with some very dark grey areas. Quite different in color from yours. I suspect over time the Cole numbers will mean less as accidental cross pollination by various nurseries dilute the original colony genomes.

    Are you satisfied with your new light conditions? I hope they are as good, or better, than your last apartment. Be sure to let us know when some of your plants take the great leap and go to live outside. That will be so exciting. I know for a fact, that Lithops like fresh air. :D Take care and enjoy all those wonderful plants.

    1. Thank you Bob :)

      I noticed that most of my plants tend to be more yellow and brown than the "cold" colors. I don't think it is because of the C-No mix but rather because of my conditions. When I bought the C1 above it also was more grey but with time turned to "warm" colors. You remember my L. bromf. Sulphurea? Yours are very green while mine are yellow. I think it is the same development. Because the Sulphureas were very very green when I first bought them. See here: . That's the difference between "just bought" and "spent several weeks under my conditions".

      Yes, I'm very happy with the light conditions so far. I was worried before but the plants seem to like it. My father has installed the pane on the new windowsill allowing me to grow 77x6 square pots of plants!! And as you know I grow an average of 4 lithops in each pot. It's like a dream come true :) I'm going to sow a lot this year.