Monday, June 23, 2014

Rabiea and Frithia seedlings (2 pics)

Time to update you on some of the seedlings. Rabiea albipuncta are now 6 months old and look much more mature than only 2 months ago. Glad to see that a couple of them still show the distinct red leaf tips.

They are currently having seven-month-old Frithia pulchra kids as neighbors. It is supposed to be a red (or redder) flowering variety but since Frithias never flower for me it's only theoretically different from the other Frithia pulchra plants I own.

PS: I really need to take some lithops pictures. I can't seem to be able to take any good ones lately...


  1. Great looking seedlings Rika. I've always liked Rabiea and grew a lot of them when I was trying to establish mesembs in my outdoor winter hardy cactus garden. I still have one old plant left. They are really tough, and tasty to rabbits.

    The Frithia seedlings are super looking. Not elongated at all, which means you are right, your light there is quite good. I always found Frithia didn't like to be dry too long. I lost more from being too dry than from being too wet. Keep these growing for a while. Give them a little age, maybe then the flowers will come. They will be quite pretty, I promise. :)

    1. You need a table or a taller table to put your plants higher and away from the rabbits' reach :) Bad rabbits...

      Thank you very much! I like the Rabieas too. There's just something to them. Like the Frithias they are yet to flower on my windowsill. My older plant seems to be doing well but no flowers, never. But that's okay. I can enjoy the beauty of their leaves just as much as I would enjoy their flowers :)