Friday, June 6, 2014

Argyroderma crateriforme (update)

A little update on the Argyroderma with the "brutally washed" roots. I've planted it into pumice as soon as I could see the first hint of new white water absorbing roots. Fortunately it has been doing well and nicely reacting to water ever since. Now it stays wrinkle-less even in full sun. But we have to remember that like with most of the mesembs bought as adults it must stay alive and well for at least a year to be able to say it's out of the woods. 


  1. This plant has a lot of character, and has obviously been around for a while. I do feel an association with older plants. ;) This plant has just enough surface area to make enough sugar to produce flowers - it's ultimate purpose in life. Minimal surface to volume ratio is perfect for plants in hot, dry climates. I hope it continues to acclimate and becomes one of your old friends. This would be one of the plants I would plant into a larger than normal pot and give it a natural habitat setting. Maybe one day you'll have the extra space to have a few naturalistic plantings. I like this plant, thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Yes, it is a survivor! And I feel honored to be able to care for it from now on :)

      This is definitely a great idea to give it an appropriate "setting". I'd love to do it one day. For now it has to stay like this though.

      Thank you for stepping by and commenting ;)