Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aloinopsis flowers (3 pics)

Both flowers have opened this weekend and I'm especially glad to see that the Aloinopsis rubrolineata has found the strength to develop its flower on the first try this year. 

The Aloinopsis rosulata is relatively new on the windowsill but seems to have accepted the new conditions. It needs more light but since it is so big I can not put it in the middle of the windowsill. It has to make do with the morning sun only. Seems to be enough for flowering though.


  1. It's a beautiful little tree with the raised roots. Aloinopsis trees look like cartoons to me, with their super-fat trunk and giant daisy-like flowers. I'm still waiting for seeds for this from Mesa Garden, seems like forever until they'll be this size.

    1. Aloinopsis actually grow much quicker than, say, lithops. I have one-year-olds that tried to develop a flower already. In a couple of years you might have your Aloinopsis trees ;)

      I'd actually love to have seeds of Aloinopsis rubrolineata that would have wide leaves like mine. Many sellers are confusing narrow leaf Nananthus with Aloinopsis rubrolineata. Something for the next MG order...