Sunday, March 23, 2014

Some two-headed-ness (10 pics)

These days you can feel the spring and the regeneration that took the lithops so long to do before progresses in no time. The new leaves are getting bigger every day and the old ones disappear. 
Quite some of them have gotten two-headed and I'm especially glad to see the plants I grew from seed do that ♥
Here come the stories!
These two L. lesliei v. minor C6 belong to my very first lithops sowing back in 2008. Yes, they are this old! Under windowsill conditions and without any doping they mature very slowly. They haven't flowered yet but this year there were dried up rests of flowers inside so at least they tried. Maybe they'll have more strength this year. After all the chances have doubled now ;)

A random L. lesliei 'Albinica' C36A. It doesn't have any stories to tell yet. You can see my finger nail on the photo for some scale XD

I got these L. hallii v. ochracea C111 in 2010 as tiny seedlings. They are still quite small but at least there are more heads now.

These L. bromfieldii v. glaudinae C382 you know from their very young age. :D Sown back in 2010 they turned out to be very grateful plants with the most agreeable character. One of them has now two heads.

Other bromfieldii, L. bromfieldii v. insularis 'Sulphurea' C362, all went two-headed last year. This year one of them went triple. I read that Sulphureas eagerly grow multiple heads.

This L. julii ssp. fulleri v. brunnea C179 is actually a miracle. I could never keep any other L. julii alive for more than a couple of years but I have this one since 2008! It always regenerates properly and without any problems and never changes much except for this year. This change needs to be documented :)

The rest don't have stories yet. They are more or less new tenants, arrived in 2012 and 2013. 


  1. Lovely metallic dots on L. bromfieldii! Great photos.

  2. Well, this is certainly a very attractive group of lithops, a good start on future seed producing nursery stock. :) The Lithops bromfieldii v. insularis 'Sulphurea' is nice but still has a way to go to catch up to mine. ;)

    I hope you get a nice flowering display from the L. lesliei v. minor. They should be old enough now. They will be quite beautiful once the old leaves are gone. I like the bump-like islands on the L. hallii v. ochracea. Lithops are such interesting plants, especially when observed close up and personal. Nice photos as usual. A very nice group of lithops; be proud.

    1. I remember your Sulphurea! I'll need to print out the photo and place it near mine for motivation XD Your plant is amazing!

      I rarely have flowers but I do hope to see them bloom this year.. like every year.. I mainly enjoy color and texture of the leaves :) Thank you!