Monday, March 31, 2014

More mesemb seedlings (3 pics)

Sown in August these Aloinopsis seedlings looked weak and grew extremely slowly for such a long time. Now something triggered the new growth (sudden increase in sunlight? ;) ) and you can see how happy they are. New leaves, more texture, even the first "teeth"! 

Below some random seedlings mess you can find on my windowsill... XD

(Titanopsis primosii and Stomatium alboroseum 'rubrum', which has nothing rubrum to it)


  1. Random seedling mess??? They look fine to me. The T. primosii have a great future and should turn into wonderful plants. They are usually considered a form of T. schwantesii, but an interesting form, especially those that take on a chalky white (maybe a little bluish) coloration. FYI Stomatium alboroseum 'rubrum' is named for it's flower which turn from white to a reddish pink. As it ages, the flower unfortunately gets a little ragged, but it is definitely rubrumish. ;) Stomatium is Greek for "small gaping mouth", pertaining to the leaves. Stomatium is usually listed as a fall-winter grower but I use to give my water in the summer and it didn't seem to hurt it - at least it didn't rot. Mine also never flowered well, probably because I didn't water them enough in the fall. I didn't do well with the fall-winter growers, that's why I no longer grow them.

    1. It's a mess because I grow all different seedlings all together for the lack of space XD I just hope they don't mind very much. True, the only way for me to tell T. schwantesii and T. promosii apart is the bluish color of the latter. I have two adult T. promosii plants that are quite blue (need to stop posting about all those seedlings and show the adults for once XD). One of them I've especially chosen for this feature while I was visiting Kakteen-Haage nursery back in 2012. The seedlings are adolescent-green yet.
      Aha, so this is about the flower color? I've googled it and there were some plants with reddish leaves (even though magenta coloration isn't really a good sign for mesembs). This is really good to know. Thank you very much for clarifying :)

      I'm afraid I'm constantly overwatering my Stomatiums. Haven't figured out their rhythm yet at all... The older S. trifarium seedlings I have grow well but I'd rather have them being compact and well-shaped.... and flowering..
      Fall-winter growers are truly tricky... I've only started growing them a little over a year ago so there's a lot to learn. I could bring Cheiridopsis and Conophytum well through the winter, so that's encouraging XD The care for S. trifarium kids needs to be adjusted though...