Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Titanopsis almost ready to shine

Btw, one of my Titanopsis calcarea plants is growing a flower, too. Let's see how it goes. With my plants I never know if they'll change their mind at the last minute ;)


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    1. There are more than one but the other ones are on a very early developmental stage on which they often drop. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing this one open :)

  2. Beautiful Rika. Such nicely textured and colored leaf tips. Flowers are nice, but here the plant itself is the real beauty. Growth is nice and compact, your light can't be too bad. You must have GOOD windows. :-) That's a very well grown mesemb.

    1. Thank you. :)
      The leaf surface is really nice indeed. My light conditions in summer is actually not bad at all, otherwise the plants wouldn't be so compact. But probably not enough for flowers. And it is rather dark in winter...
      Btw, this is the mother plant of my recent seedlings :)