Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gibbaeum geminum

Time to introduce new plants to you and to this blog.

I've had these two Gibbaeum geminum for a couple of months and they seem to feel fine so far. They grow very slowly but react to water quite well. They are much much smaller than I imagined seeing them on photos online! One of them is growing in a pot with two Conophytum plants. The photo is being photobombed by a Nananthus aloides :D

The other one shares its pot with a Neohenricia sibbettii cutting and an Adromischus marianae v. herrei (green form).

Maybe it's not the best choice for neighbors but it'll have to do for now...


  1. Healthy and good looking plants! Thank you for sharing the images!

  2. Thank you for commenting. :) I see that everything is flowering at your place these days. Congratulations! You're lucky! :D

  3. Thank you :) It is true, all species raised the buds, but there are no warm and sunny days at my site.

  4. The stubby fingers mesemb. Hard to believe that this is a mat forming plant, the mats sometimes growing to 1 m in diameter in habitat. The flowers are a lovely magenta. I'm not a Gibbaeum grower because they tend to want to do their growing in winter when my light conditions are at their lowest, but I remember hearing Steven Hammer say they are relatively easy to grow. I also remember him saying that when they begin to form buds, don't let them get too dry or the buds will abort. G. geminum is a non sheathing type and the question of summer water depends on how the plant looks. Rika, you are great at determining water needs by your plant's appearance and your G. geminum should do great. They will fill those pots in no time. ;-) Nice plants in a wonderful collection.

  5. Hi. Can you tell me what are those top soil material? Are they perlite or pebbles? Somehow they didn't slightly different to either. Thanks.

    1. Hi Eric, I use pumice all the way through, top and bottom. Sometime I used some kind of gravel (like for aquariums) on top but it was a bad idea as I couldn't see if the plant was recently watered or not....