Saturday, October 26, 2013

A couple more flowers (2 pics)

At least 4 flowers couldn't fully develop this year. But no need to complain :) At least some could make it. 
This L. localis for instance.

Also, how come I didn't know Conophytum obcordellum opens its flowers at night?


  1. Lithops flowers, always bright and beautiful, and always welcomed. I'm into the white flowers here, with L. julii and L. karasmontana v. tischeri in flower. Your L. localis look plump and healthy. Great looking plants. Your reduced flowering may be insufficient light, although your plants look good. The lack of flowering could also be tied into your temperature situation. I'm wondering if the lack of a drop in night temperature could also play a role. I've never read anything about temperatures connected with flowering in lithops, but I know temperatures play a role in Crassulacean acid metabolism which is the photosynthetic system used by most succulent plants. Something to investigate further.

    The Conophytums are really nice. The flowers look like tiny fountains shooting out of the plants. Wonderful color patterns. I've never grown a single conophytum. But they are tempting. I will resist, I will resist. Thanks for sharing you beautiful plants.

  2. It's considered that all the species of Subgenus conophytum have nocturnal flowers. No slightest idea about the night, but my C. obcordellum ssp. rolfii keeps it's flowers open in the daytime during flowering season for all the years I grow it.