Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steineckeana seedlings these days (2 pics)

The steineckeana are only a couple of months younger than the bromfieldii from the recent post. They look weird and looking weird is actually what we like about this species. Tiny fissure, strange marble like pattern going from top all down the sides and sometimes some pseudotruncatella pattern as if breaking through the marble.

They've grown a lot since March, don't you think? :)


  1. Yes, weird plant. As you mentioned several of your plants show the resemblance to L. pseudotruncatella, supporting Steven Hammer's view that this is a hybrid between L. pseudotruncatella and something else. The mystery is, what's the something else. The other view is that it's a hybrid with L. ruschiorum. L. steineckeana is another lithops I've never grown and thus enjoy the commentary and photos of your experiences with this interesting plant. As always thank you. :)

    1. No, thank YOU for reading ;)
      They are weird but also very pretty. Unfortunately I can't seem to be able to make good photos. They are just too pale, pale plants, pale stones, hmm.
      Might be L. ruschiorum. I don't have those but from the pictures online they are of quite a round shape. But there must have been something more weird looking in there, mustn't it? Like a conophytum or an other spheroid. Conophytums have a very different growing cycle though...
      So far they are rather low-maintenance, which means full sun as it comes and watering when I see they're thirsty. Regeneration goes smoothly, too.

  2. They really have turned bigger!! wow. Such happy plants!
    The ones in the 2nd picture really look like pseudotrucantella.

    1. Yes, I'm proud of them :)
      I wonder how look it should take them to flower. This species looks like seedlings even if the plants are adults...