Sunday, July 7, 2013

Recent developments (2 pics)

Things are happening on the windowsill.
My Avoina quinaria ssp. quinaria is growing flowers. Such a surprise! I got it last year as this tiny wrinkled something (click!) and now it's going to bloom! Its white-flowering pal is resting this year though.

And, as another one of 2013 baby pictures, here's the amazingly fast growing Stomatium with a first side-branch. Reminder: It's around 2 months old. :) I think I'll try to water them less from now on, they can take it.


  1. Wonderful plant Rika. Strangely fascinating. Would love to see it in habitat. I understand the stems are partially deciduous. I'm guessing that means they sometimes abscise (drop off) but not always, rather than only a part of the stem abscises? Does your older plant lose it's stems, or some of its stems, during part of the year? Since you indicate the plant shown is subspecies (or variety) quinaria, it should have carmine flowers. That should be very attractive. I look forward to seeing it. Have wonderful day! Bob

    1. Thanks! I'm really happy the plant seems to like the conditions I'm able to offer. The white (ssp. alstonii) flowering one was very active last year but no flowers now.
      You're right, the name is Avoina quinaria ssp. quinaria (not variety), my mistake. :)

      Hm I haven't noticed it being deciduous... The stems with flowers do drop off, but the others stay. I mean sometimes one or two drop off but it looks to me they do so just because they're old. Sometimes half of the stem dries up and falls off though. Is this what you mean?

      I'm also looking forward to seeing the flowers. Flower buds grow every day! I'm just trying not to get too excited, it still might change its mind. My other worry is timing. The flowers open only once and only for a couple of hours. Easy to miss..

      Have a nice day, too :)