Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prepodesma about to bloom in July?

Well, this is strange. Shouldn't Prepodesma orpenii be done with flowering by mid-spring? Or could this already be the result of the valerian flower extract I'm trying out this year? Not that I'm complaining of course. As long as it's not a swan song it's okay with me.


  1. A mesemb flower out of season is a little strange, but certainly not unheard of.

    It's difficult (impossible?) to determine if a single change in culture (treatment with valerian flower extract)caused the flowering, with only a single plant or two involved in the treatment, and a similar number of plants not given the valerian flower extract (the controls). The fewer plants involved in the "experiment" the less dependable the outcome (that the valerian flower extract caused the unusual flower bud).

    However, we are hobby growers and we can suppose anything thing we want, and enjoy the unusual flower, whatever the reason it was produced. So I hope the bud opens into a lovely bright yellow flower, you take a wonderful photo of it, and we all enjoy it. :)

    1. Sure, I'm just wondering, no science here whatsoever. :) Last year my lithops have dried many flower buds so I was searching for something that supports flowers. We'll see how it goes this season. This year I'm making an effort to not forget fertilizing and use the extract. Also, A. rubrolineata is currently growing a flower but it failed last two times so no photos yet, I pretend that I don't see it ;)