Saturday, July 20, 2013

Other regeneration problems

Generally speaking there are two problems with regeneration lithops can have. First is being too slow. Second is being too quick and doing to two times in a year. The second one isn't very problematic though as long as the leaf changes go safely. But you can forget about flowers.

I read somewhere that in case of lithops new bodies and flower buds are very similar in the early stages of development. Might the second regeneration be flower buds that have been "re-directed" at the early stage?

Btw, this schwantesii's pot-mate is doing it, too. Just like a bunch of my fulvis last year.


  1. Over the years I've noticed the "too-quick" regeneration problem is more common for younger plants. I always thought it might be part of the plant's maturation process, which is determined by hormones, the production of which can vary as the plant gets older, and bigger. I rarely see this on my plants that are older than seven years.

    As to the "too-late" problem, I see this all too frequently, especially with certain species. Unfortunately, I haven't done a very good job on record keeping concerning this and thus can't speak with certainly. This year L. hookeri has been very bad, and L. dorotheae slow but not stopped. While L. bromfieldii except for my weird 'Sulphurea', L. lesliei, and L. karasmontana have not had problems. So, is this genetically controlled, environmentally controlled, culturally controlled, or a combination of several or all. Maybe something all lithops growers just have to live with, since everyone growing a modest amount of plants or more, seem to experience the problem.
    How's that for writing a lot and solving nothing? :)

    1. True. With seedlings up to 2 years (or even older for some species) the regenerations can happen 2 or 3 times a year. I don't get worried there, it's quite normal. In fact the more they regenerate the bigger they get.

      Also true that we only can discuss the "too late" problem but we're not getting closer to a solution. With my too-late hallii I've waited untill the old leaves were so far digested to be removed. It seems to have worked out (for now). The julii are still unchanged. I think i'll try to transplant them (no water). Maybe it'll trigger something...