Monday, June 24, 2013

Stomatium seedlings update

I had to transplant these two Stomatium seedlings away from the little Titanopsis because back in their common pot it was a battle for resources the latter couldn't win. I didn't expect them to grow that fast! Conclusion: If you're not patient with Mesembs in general just grow Stomatiums from seed and you'll have a couple of plants that will fill out a 5x5cm pot and almost look like adults, "starry night" see-through dots and cute little teeth, in only two months. ;)

Their mother-plant has recently had a surgery because it grew too big and weird. I've kept and rooted three branches while other five are now residing over in Portugal. I'm very happy all parts of the plant are doing fine. :) The "refreshing" surgery was a really good idea.


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    1. Thank you! It looks like an easy plant to grow from seed but it's difficult to keep it in shape when it's grown up..I'll make a post about it next :)