Saturday, June 8, 2013

Frithia humilis (2 pics)

I've been reporting on these Frithia humilis seedlings since they first hatched in June 2012 (scroll down here for all the cute baby pics). I still have all nine of them so that I must be doing it right. However they do confuse me with sudden change from time to time: They react very quickly to sun, heat and water. When the sun is really intense they're all like Oh no! This is the end! Goodbye cruel world! and the next morning Sorry, false alarm, we're all fine, thanks for the water btw. Since the humilis species has small leaves and the plants are petit all in all I've been keeping track of the seedling's developent through counting the leaves. For a long while there was an average of 7 leaves (new grow, old dry up without an increase in number), now the biggest of them has 13. I so hope to see flowers next year.

Now that it's finally hot and sunny I've added some more pumice to the pot to allow them to retreat if needed. Not sure if it's a good idea so I'll keep watching them closely.
PS: I think I'll sow some pulchra seeds these days. I'm such a Frithia fan!


  1. Ah Rika these are beautiful little plants. I'm envious. I just can't try and grow everything so I will just enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. I have way less room than you. With some plants you just can't say no. :) But I can absolutely understand you. If only I had room I'd sow thousands and thousands of seeds of all possible plants. I have a box full of lithops seeds alone awaiting better times...