Saturday, May 25, 2013

New: Delosperma sphalmantoides (3 pics)

I actually would have loved to grow this species from seed but, given a chance, who could resist. Being so fond of the D. cooperii I've been looking around for a dwarf version to grow on the window sill (even though this hardy D. sphalmantoides would rather grow somewhere outside). I haven't even realized how tiny and cute it would be! You just have to love these little cyan leaves with a marshmellow-like texture (click on pics for xxl) and how it grows low like a carpet (much like a Neohenricia in fact). If you think of a Delosperma you surely imagine something very different.

To draw a comparison, here are the D. cooperii and D. sphalmantoides on one pic!
Got these beautiful plants from cono's paradise along with a new pumice order.


  1. Lovely and tufty! And I can see those wonderful Avonias in the background, I'm still looking for one for my collection...have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! Love these plants. :)
      The Avonias seem to be doing well but no flowers this time. Maybe later? It's been raining here for weeks. The sun comes out just for as long as it takes to take a picture, haha.

      Maybe you can try seeds? Like here or over at atomic plant.. They should have some seeds..

  2. Beautiful plants. Perfect for the windowsill desert. I had three D. sphalmantoides that I tried outside in my winter hardy cacti and succulent planting. I never got to test their ability to live through the winter outside because I lost all three during the first summer! We are very cool today, so I am going to work with outdoor plants from Europe, the sempervivums. My lithops seeds continue to germinate - much fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. It is fun, isn't it! :)
      Oh I see, sorry to hear that. I'm already getting ready to provide some shade for them when (if?) sommer comes. In theory they can take up to -15°C in winter. Hope you can test it one day!
      I have a couple of sempervivums on my windowsill as well, but they would do much better in my parent's garden.