Thursday, May 16, 2013

Greenie among the lesliei v. mariae

Just a little update. If you remember the little greenie that germinated among my lesliei v. mariae C141, it's still alive. I actually have two more pots of these but at this point only several plants look like v. mariae as I've imagined them to be. Which means all dotty like the one in the middle of the pic. Also, compared to the bromfieldii seedlings (2,5 years old as well), these leslilei are pretty small. Hoping for a growth spurt this season.


  1. L. leslie are one of my favourites, & relatively easier to care for compared to some other species. A green mariae - very nice! :) I sometimes find L. leslie quite difficult to id, especially when young & compared with some L. aucampiae for example...

    1. I really like growing lesliei, too. :) To properly ID them is practically impossible, that's true. At the moment these mariae look just like any other lesliei v. lesliei. Even my burchellii seedlings look mostly like lesliei v. lesliei. I actually thought mariae and burchellii would show their "special" patterns much sooner. Maybe after the next regeneration, I don't know..

      Hope to grow the greenie to the flowering age :)
      As for now none of my own seedlings has flowered, oh well... maybe this year.

  2. Желаю успехов зеленушке и остальным ! :)