Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting better: Rabiea albipuncta

Continuing my previous post about a Frithia getting in shape I'd like to talk about plants that were struggling through really bad times but are now staring to feel better, probably because it coincides with how I feel. 
Last summer my Rabiea was badly bitten by mites and I was too quick using an anti-bug spray instead of just washing it. Awful cold burns and many damaged leaves were the result. You know that damaged leaves on a Rabiea sadly mean scars for a very long time. It took the plant several months to start growing new leaves again and now, almost a year later, it finally looks fresh and healthy. You can still see some scaring here and there but it makes the new green even more beautiful, I think.

It's too big for the 5x5 pot (and I'm very curious to see the roots) but I need to save space. Also, it might not be that happy to be disturbed at this point.


  1. I like Rabiea and it's not grown very often. I grew it from seed to try in my outside winter hardy C&S beds here in Maryland. I planted five plants in July and was going to see how well they survived through the winter. Well...they never made it to the winter. Rabbits ate them all! I still have some in pots, but I really wanted to grow them in the ground. Sorry about the mites. I think they are the most serious succulent pest because they are seldom recognized. Many growers with mites believe their plants have a nutritional deficiency.

    1. Who knew Rabiea would be so yummy (for rabbits)! That's too bad... Looks like the plants take some time to grow. I'd love to grow them from seed in the future.
      I heard the best way to fight mites is by washing the plant followed by high humidity for several days. Anti-bug sprays do more damage than good in my experience.