Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting better: Prepodesma orpenii

If you remember I bought this plant with some kind of a leaf damage. Now it completely changed its appearance and is "wearing" only the new leaves while the old ones have slowly dried off. It is now all smooth and spotless. :)
It seems to grow new leaves explosively: They appear "out of nowhere" and grow very quickly and then the plant takes a pretty long rest before the next growth spurt. 


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    1. Thanks! Just as I mentioned it being slow it started to push new leaves. What joy!

  2. It's neat seeing your photo of Prepodesma orpenii just after Rabiea albipuncta because superficially they look very similar. In the book "Mesembs of the World" they are in separate groups, Prepodesma (Aloinopsis) in group 5 (Rough-Leaved Mesembs) and Rabiea in group 7 (Tufted mesembs). I'll have to feel the leaves of my Aloinopsis tomorrow and see just how rough they are as compared to Rabiea. Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

    1. Funny it is under rough-leaved mesembs. I find its leaf surface rather smooth. In comparison the leaves of Rabiea have that warty quality to them. I only have one plant of each kind to compare though. :) Have you checked yours?