Sunday, May 27, 2012

not wanting to grow up

This is one of the first plants, a lesliei of course, I've bought as adults and it had some growth issues from the start.
First it kept the short fissure for years. Then, last year, I've discovered it's getting two heads and thought "Finally something's happening." But as they came out they looked small and miserable, snuggling up to each other. Both heads had a half-fissure so that it looked like they're "sharing" it, clinging to their juvenile form. It wasn't until this year that it got over this stage.

Maybe it will even be ready for flowers in a couple of years. ;)


  1. Учитывая что литопсы иногда живут чуть ли не до ста лет, думаю, они иногда могут позволить себе покапризничать годик-другой... ;)

    (Извините,комментарий был стерт по ошибке)

    1. Да уж, такое с ними случается. У меня один 3х летний gracilidelineata всё ещё 3 мм в диаметре. 3 мм! Линяет нормально, живет, но вот остановился на этом размере и всё тут. Побольше терпения :)