Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yin-Yang for Lithops

This fella started his annual change as normal as it could but now that it's almost through with it it looks like something went wrong. I'm having various theories as for what happened here: is it trying to a) complete a yin-yang circle? (should I start worshipping it?) bite its tail? c) hug itself? d) find The Light? I sure hope it's healthy, because it looks like the part that is near to the ground is, well, not done yet: it's transparent and doesn't have any pattern.
Still, it's firm and is growing fast, so maybe it's nothing or it'll get over it. I doubt that an insect would bite it to make it look symmetrical like this (unless the bug had an artistic disposition).

It also looks funny if shot against the light!

PS: purchased in Tokyo under the description lesliei v. minor "Witblom" C006A x lesliei v. lesliei "Fred's Redhead" hybrid. If it survives I'm thrilled to see what color the flower would be.

PPS: I have real troubles making good pictures at home without any natural light in my small and dark japanese flat, it's quite upsetting. Can't stand using flash on lithops.


  1. Dear thing, I think it looks cute, performing some kind of meditative zen dance, how clever! :-)

    1. Haha, cute it is! And the good thing is it has survived and is still performing ;) Have you seen the more recent photos with the twisted 3rd head?