Saturday, April 17, 2010


Never had a lithops dorotheae before, but read somewhere that they are difficult to keep alive. Well, I'm about to find out! These are two beautiful chocolate colored Dorotheae de Boer I bought recently in Tokyo. Both are getting two-headed this year and I'm very excited to watch them grow.


  1. They look very good! I'm concerned about my seedlings. I think I've kept them either too wet or too dry but I'm not sure which.

  2. thank you, i like them a lot. :) the new leaves are not that dark yet, i hope that'll change.

    i think it was too wet and warm so that the insects liked the environment just as much as your lithops and started chewing on the plants. i would repot them at this point :)

  3. I don't know what others say, but we've never had any trouble with L. dorotheae. In fact it's been easier to grow than some of the others. And it's one of my favorites. Enjoy.

  4. oh that's nice to hear! thank you. :)
    dorotheae are very beautiful indeed. i could only see them on pictures before..