Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aucampiae can show their colours, too

Here come some of the other kids from the same bunch. Most of them have large windows with few islands - no idea what kind of aucampiae they're supposed to be but they're pretty. Colorful, too: bordeaux, dark green with orange crown, beige with dark dusky dots. Makes me wonder whether they'll keep their colors once they've grown up.

On an unrelated subject, did you know Francois Hoes from Belgium has an amazing new lithops seedlist? Lots of very interesing cultivars I was eiger to own browsing though online galleries. If you're in Europe you might want to check it out. (Yes, I couldn't resist and ordered some to my parent's home - they came within a couple of days and will have to wait for some more months to 'hit the ground'.)

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