Monday, January 11, 2010

Shimada Yasuhiko - THE GENUS LITHOPS

Hello! I hope you all had great holidays! :)

It's been over 3 months since I'm in Japan, and it's funny how much I actually miss my plants (not only lithops, but any plants I could look after). They've been a huge part of my everyday life since I was a child. I now and then ask my parents about my lithops (they are currently keeping an eye on the plants for me), and everything seems to be just fine - the stones are alive and kicking, well, by showing their new lobes.

The lithops-related plan for Japan was to visit the greenhouses/nurseries, but I unfortunately had to drop it for various reasons (mostly lacking time and money to travel). To cheer myself up I did the next best thing - bought the book I wanted to have since a couple of years already: THE GENUS LITHOPS by Yasuhiko Shimada. (it wasn't cheap either, I tell you)
It is fantastic! Amazing habitat and collection pictures shot by Mr. Shimada, as well as articles about cultivation and taxa descriptions. In fact I'm so in love with the book right now that I think I'll translate some of it and post it here in the near future. :)


  1. Thanks for the post. I fully understand the inability to travel as much as we would wish, but am glad you can now free up a little time to post. Sounds like an interesting book and welcome back.

  2. thank you very much
    it's been a bit stressful but nothing i wouldn't have expected from the start. i even sometimes think i'm not culture-shocked enough, haha

  3. Hi Rika,
    is pleasant to see yours blog, also I am gotten passionate to the lithops from many years, you I can see some here mine lithops .
    Best wishes

  4. Nice to meet you Nando!
    Thank you for checking out my blog :)
    Your plants look fantastic! i could only dream of such a collection. thank you for sharing the photographs. I hope it's okay if i post this link in my link list here :)